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                                                       Navigation to bed-and-breakfast «Na Lukyanovke» 3 Belorusskaya Street, Shevchenkovskyi District, Kyiv          Kiev, Shevchenkovskiy district, 3 Belorusskaya street

For the city residents and guests the bed-and-breakfast «na Lukyanovke» offers convenient rooms from 300 UAH, each room having a wet bar with the dishes, kettle, microwave oven, tea, coffee and sugar.

It is very convenient to get there from Kyiv railway station. Right opposite to the central entrance the terminal stop of various busses is located. It is not simple to get your direction in this chaos. We need the leftmost «on the second platform». Autobus 18+7 goes right to Lukyanovskiy Market, where you can see the building of the hotel from the stop. At the same place the metro station “Lukyanovskaya” is located, where you can get from the railway station with one stop over. When you stand full-faced to the market, on your right you can see the tower-block with «Брокбизнесбанк» inscription above. This is your destination, 3 Belarusskaya Street.

If you go along Dehtiarevskaya Street, turn to the tower-block and you find yourself in front of the door with a button and small “conspirational” inscription: «Hotel». A pleasant girl’s voice will answer you and will let you into your mansion on the second floor. You will get particularly impressed with the contrast between still uncomfortable house, poor elevator and the hall with aquariums, pictures on the walls and new repair. «Theatre starts with the hanger», and the rooms with practically homelike atmosphere are the key program of the hotel «Na Lukyanovke».

If you go from the side of Lukyanovskaya square, you won’t have to go around the house along the stairs, it would be enough to go around McDonald’s and come out from the side of “Silpo” supermarket (where you can buy everything you need and even some sophisticated wines for romantic dinner). From it, rightwards, to already familiar one of the best hotels in Kyiv, located in an ancient historical district of Kyiv.

Kiev, Shevchenkovskiy district, 3 Belorusskaya street