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Mini apart-hotel at Lukyanovka welcomes guests of Kiev

Гостиницы Киев, номер економ класса Гостиницы Киев, номер стандарт класса Гостиницы Киев, номер класса люкс
Мини отель Киев, номер економ класса
Мини отель Киев, номер стандарт класса
Мини отель Киев, номер класса люкс

Hotel “na Lukianovke” – best choice of hotel in Kiev

Did you decide to come to Kiev? Hotels in Kiev and their employees are glad to welcome guests of the city. Here gather people not only from different corners of the country but from the whole world. Kiev hotels offer rooms of various levels of convenience.

There are many places to visit and see in Kiev. The main thing is to find comfortable point of location.

Different hotels in Kiev

How to choose where to stay in Kiev? Kiev is the city where one can choose: mini-hotels, elite apartments, art hotels and hostels. Optimum combination of the best out of all these variants offers hotel in Kiev “na Lukianovke”. Each room in this hotel contains modern decoration and comfortable conditions, small kitchen with electric oven and necessary dishes. One can prepare coffee or order breakfast from restaurant to the room. Cafes and restaurants for every taste are located near the hotel. Standard hotels in Kiev can provide you with all the necessities a travel can have.

If you don’t want to overpay to rather expensive service and extra options such as fitness center, sauna or swimming pool you’d rather choose mini-hotel. Kiev as other cities of Ukraine is rich in suggestions about lease of apartments round-the-clock. It is a good option, however, problems often occur during registration and accommodation. Kiev hotels including hotel “na Lukianovke” offer comfortable accommodation at any time of day. Moreover there is always possibility to reserve a room in advance if you call Kiev hotels. Prices are known in advance and remain unchanged as of the date of reservation till accommodation. If you’re looking for city hotel in Kiev, you can also search their web-sites and make an online reservation.

Luxe rooms in Kiev hotel

If you are a married couple and want to spend romantic night the hotels open their arms for you. Kiev is the city of romantics. Special price for rooms of “Luxe” class is valid in the hotel “na Lukianovke” in which day costs only 600 UAH. This is a minimum price of the whole comfort that the hotels offer. Kiev is the city of loving people. But if you do not have the place to meet with your darling “Kiev mini hotels” are always ready to accept you. Do you have guests from another city and you do not have extra bunks? You can always rely on hotels in Kiev, as well in other Ukraine cities.

View and location in Kiev hotels

If you’re looking for a hotel in Kiev with excellent panorama from windows facing historical part of the city – the hotel “na Lukianovke” is the best hotel in Kiev for you. Even when you stay in room you can admire picturesque scenes of surroundings and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. Hotels in Kiev with great history, as well as cheap hotels in Kiev, often possess rooms with view to the wall of neighboring house what is absent in one of the best hotels in the list “mini-hotels of Kiev” – hotel “na Lukianovke”, as a matter of fact it occupies the whole floor of new high-rise building.

The most important criterion on choice of hotels in Kiev is their location in the city. Centre is the most convenient place almost for every trip. But at the same time it is the most expensive. Kiev hotels located in the Centre occupy monumental buildings maintenance of which is too expensive, that is why price of room in such a hotel in Kiev will affect essentially the budget of the person who will settle there. Hotel “na Lukianovke” is located in newly-erected building and occupies exactly the place that is required. Therefore we have democratic prices.

Are you going to have a business trip to Kiev? Hotel of economy class “na Lukianovke” will offer you quiet rest after intense negotiations. There are cheap rooms in Kiev hotels, especially mini hotels, but it is difficult to find another cheap hotel that could be so advantageously located – quite close to historical part of the city, with convenient infrastructure, in close vicinity to trade and business centers.

Reservation of Kiev hotel is available both on phone and online.

Hotel “na Lukianovke”

How one can find the thing he wants: cheap and conveniently located hotel? Ukraine, Kiev, other big cities have great choice of hotels. Below we offer list of hotels. However Kiev hotel “na Lukianovke” is the best combination of price and quality of servicing. This mini-hotel is located in five minutes from the center of the city. Kiev is the city where one cannot always get to its different parts. Hotel in Kiev in the center and at low price is a great piece of luck!

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Kiev, Shevchenkovskiy district, 3 Belorusskaya street